The World of Jangbahar: The Tri-Waters

The Bariq Sea

The Bariq Sea stretches along the southern borders of the continent and is most noted for its large, natural port that gives access to Kitoi’s and the Republic’s only seaside markets. The sparkling sea has naturally calm waters and shallow depths less than 4,000 feet.



The Orreram Ocean

Harsh coral and rock face deny any ship access to its southern borders and few citizens wish to venture beyond the border of the sea and into the Orreram Ocean, the territory of the Sea King. Due to the Tri-Alliance, trade between the people of the Is’Le’ Spar Islands ensures the people of Kitoi and the Republic have steady access to the plentiful fish found in the Orreram Ocean. The ocean stretches along the western coast of Jangbahar and beyond, boasting depths nearly 40,000 feet. The people of the Is’Le’Spar Islands provide a vast variety of fish and there are whispered rumors of other much larger more dangerous creatures that make the ocean their home.




The Ese Ed Ocean

On the eastern side of Jangbahar, another vast ocean meets the jagged coastline inaccessible to any ship. Little is known of the Ese Ed Ocean and the sea peoples do not speak of it during trade so its depths and creatures remain unknown, although there are several varieties of shark meat offered through trade from Shrivo. The gray churning waters of the Ese Ed and harsh cliff side waves give the ocean a dark reputation that is undampened by its howling winds.

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