The World of Jangbahar: Friis


Population: 578,932

Language: Friisan and Jangba

Symbol/Flag: A pair of holding hands.

Friis is located on the Eastern edge of the Republic, just outside the treacherous mountain range known as The Edge. Made up of foothills and blocked from the severe winds coming off the Ese’ed Ocean, the fertile landscape is perfect for growing its two chief exports, grapes and cocoa. Friis has a solid trading economy and boasts several vineyards. Its chief import is dragon scrotum, a delicacy for the Friisans, is traded heavily in their black market. Friis is ruled by a monarchy with the kingdom passed down to the youngest daughter. It is currently ruled by Vaneera, a senile geriatric who has ruled for the last seventy years. Vaneera’s youngest daughters are twins and the country is divided in their approval of either daughter.

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