Hex Gunslinger: A Weird Western Anthology

Announcing Radiant Crown Publishing’s upcoming anthology of weird western tall tales in the Subterranean Series, Hex Gunslinger!


January 1st, 2018- March 1st, 2018

Anything submitted outside of this window will be deleted unread.


ISBN-10: Coming Soon

ISBN-13: Coming Soon

Hex Gunslinger is an upcoming anthology of speculative, mysterious, and romantic weird western tall tales! Framed as an unearthed secret library years after the civil war, each story should hold the ethos of western expansion beginning in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase, and ending around the 1850s not necessarily restricted to a North American audience. Do not take manifest destiny as a mantra to live by. Shape a world with all the magic and mystery of the frontier without letting the ugliness of conquest be consumed with fantastic whimsy. We want wide open plains where violence ruled, underground movements brewing with tension, and the Wild Wild West in all it’s beauty and madness. Bring us your stories marking the age of the gold rush, injustice, genocide, mass immigration, transcontinental railroads, vigilante justice, telegraphs, outlaws, gunslingers, slick talkers, setting suns, and the impending civil war that would rip a nation apart. Deadline March 1st, 2018 11:59 EST.


Preacher (TV)










Jonah Woodson Hex (Comic)











  • Non-exclusive archival rights as long as the website(s) hosting the work are online
  • If an audiobook is produced, payment is $0.01USD per word for non-exclusive electronic audio rights
  • First world electronic and print rights in English with exclusivity for 8 months from the date of publication

Please query if anything listed is of concern. Here is a good explanation of what this entails.


SHORT STORIES: 1000 to 7,499 words. Paid $0.01USD per word.

NOVELETTE: 7,500 to 17,499 words. Paid $0.01USD per word.

NOVELLA: 17,500 to 40,000 words. Paid $0.01USD per word.

SPOTLIGHT SHORT STORY: 1000 to 1500 words. One story involving a person of color serving as an officer of the law (officially or unofficially) as a central element of the plot. Paid $0.02USD or $0.03USD per word.

All payments made through PayPal. Please note that these are not professional rates. Fiction can only be resold as a reprint after publication. Decide if you want to take this payment scheme or submit to another market.


  • Poorly formatted and edited work
  • Works above the word counts and/or untitled
  • Overtly racist, sexist, violent, etc. works without adding value overall


  • Fanfiction of any kind
  • Excerpts out of a novel
  • Taboo elements (rape in all forms, incest, pedophilia, etc.) in almost all cases


  • Pushing the boundaries of genre and form
  • People of Color, disabled people, women, LGBTQIA, and other marginalized groups at the forefront
  • Pulp fiction, Weird Western, Cattlepunk, Southern Gothic, Folkloric Monsters, Occult Magick, Slipstream, Cowboys & Aliens, and so on




  • The subject line should read HEXGUNSLINGER: CATEGORY : TITLE (WORD COUNT) ex). HEXGUNSLINGER: SHORT STORIES: Super Story (1001)
  • A short cover letter is required. Please include your legal name, pen name (if relevant), contact information, recent publications/awards (if any), and a bio of 50-150 words. Interview questions will be sent to accepted authors. A photo of you is required if accepted as well


  • Submissions should be attached in the email as a .rtf, .doc or .docx
  • Shunn’s manuscript style for fiction required (double-spaced, 12 pt standard font, page numbers, etc.)


  • Reprints encouraged!
  • Translations into English are welcome
  • Up to two submissions in total allowed
  • Simultaneous submissions to other markets are accepted! Alert RCP immediately should your work be accepted somewhere else (congrats in advance!)


Currently around two months after submitting. Do not query before then. We do not send out notification We will try to answer all submissions with an acceptance or rejection letter.


Any personal information collected (including but not limited to your name, address, email, social media links, and pen name) is held in strict confidence and not shared with anyone else unless compelled by law or in the event threats are leveled against the staff.

If a third party contacts RCP interested in an author’s or artist’s work, the author/artist will be contacted first to ask permission to share details.


By sending us your work you understand and agree that:

  • You are the original creator and copyright holder of the work submitted;
  • You are not prohibited by any prior agreement from the transfer of exclusive electronic & print rights in English, first world translation rights into English, reprint rights, and/or non-exclusive audio rights to the work;
  • All information submitted is accurate and truthful; and
  • You accept sole responsibility for any false statements upon rights not disclosed.

If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian will sign your contract and accept your payment on your behalf. Finally, if accepted here and then republished, you are required to add the title of this anthology as your previous place of publication.






LAST UPDATED: August 20, 2017

Subterranean Series: Gaslandia


The semi-annual subterranean anthology series is dedicated to pulp fiction in niche speculative fiction sub-genres. It will take a nuanced and often critical look, however, at the conventions and broader historical context in which these sub-genres operate. 2017-2019 will bring a trilogy comprised of dieselpunk, weird western, and space opera fiction.

I don’t try to describe the future. I try to prevent it.” —Ray Bradbury

Cover Art:

Tycoon by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

Editor’s Corner:

Twilight of Man by Elizabeth O. Smith


Libertador by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

Slow City 2 by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

Rechauffement Climatique by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

Diesel Palace by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

Fugit Irreparabile Tempus by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

Final Curtain by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

The Silent Empire 8 by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

Uchronia by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

Diesel Nights by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)

The Endless Goodbye by Stefan Paris (http://stefanparis.deviantart.com)


Armed Against the Ageless One by Kevin Holton (2700)

Tickie-Tockers by David Castlewitz (4500)

A Better Life by Lawrence Dagstine (5000)

The Revolution Engine by Pedro Iniguez (5000)

A Slow Inoculation by Dale Carothers (5100)

The Bronze Gods by Jeremy Szal [Dimension6 (Coeur de Lion Publishing, 2016)] (5400)

The Last Night of Pangea by Irene Puntí (5400)

The Colossus at Blue Sands by Gregory L. Norris (5500)

Episode 10: A MOON CALLED TERROR (A Rex Kane Adventure) by Chuck Regan (8300)

A Fifth World by Matthew Maxwell (9900)


ISBN-10: 1-946024-11-2

ISBN-13: 978-1-946024-11-4



ISBN-13: 978-1-946024-27-5

Trade Paperback:

ISBN-10: 1-946024-10-4

ISBN-13: 978-1-946024-10-7