Subterranean Series

The semi-annual Subterranean anthology series is dedicated to pulp fiction in niche speculative fiction sub-genres. It will take a nuanced and often critical look, however, at the conventions and broader historical context in which these sub-genres operate.


January 1st – March 1st 11:59 EST

Anything submitted outside of this window will be deleted unread. Artists and photographers can submit year round.


Year One: Gaslandia: A Dieselpunk Anthology [2017]

Year Two: Hex Gunslinger: A Weird Western Anthology [2019]

Year Three: Gargantua: A Space Opera Anthology [2021]

Year Four: Ultramarine: A Seapunk Anthology [2023]

Year Five: Ultion Manor: A Gothic Horror Anthology [2025]


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Dale Carothers [Author]

Year OneA Slow Inoculation

BIO: Dale Carothers is a cake enthusiast and a sass mouth, both of which cause his wife varying degrees of consternation. He provides both independent living skills training and workplace advocacy for people with disabilities. Dale’s work has appeared in Kaleidotrope, Triangulation: Beneath the Surface, and Space and Time. Find out more at


David Castlewitz [Author]

Year OneTickie-Tockers

BIO: David Castlewitz had a long and successful career as a software developer and technical architect. He has recently turned to his first love: SF, fantasy, and magical realism. David has published stories in Farther Stars Than These, Phase 2 MagazineMartian Wave, Stories of the Near Future, SciFan, and other online as well as print magazines and anthologies. For more information, visit


Lawrence Dagstine [Author]

Year One: A Better Life

BIO: Lawrence Dagstine is a native New Yorker, video game enthusiast, toy collector, and speculative fiction writer of 20+ years. He has placed more than 400 stories in online and print periodicals during that two-decade span, especially the small presses. He is author to numerous novellas and three short story collections. Death of the Common Writer, Fresh Blood, and From The Depths (TBA, w. Illustrator Bob Veon). His work is available on Amazon and B& Visit his website, at:





Kevin Holton [Author]


Year One: Armed Against the Ageless One

BIOKevin Holton has published over one hundred works over poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, in markets ranging from Pleiades and Rain Taxi to Crystal Lake Publishing and Thunderdome Press. He loves anything horror and sci-fi, including many kinds of “-punk” genres. When not reading and writing, he is a student, actor, athlete, and coffee enthusiast who spends too much time talking about Batman. For more information, visit


Pedro Iniguez [Author]

Year One: The Revolution Engine

BIO: Pedro Iniguez lives in Eagle Rock, California, a quiet suburb of Northeast Los Angeles. Since childhood he has been fascinated with Science-Fiction, Horror, and a love of Comic Books. Countless years later, he spends his time reading and plotting out his next story. His work can be found in various magazines and anthologies such as: Space and Time Magazine, Crossed Genres, Outposts from Beyond, Sanitarium Magazine, Deserts of Fire, and Altered States II.





Matthew Maxwell [Author]

Year One: A Fifth World

BIO: Matthew Maxwell has been writing for several years. Credits include Blizzard Entertainment in both the STARCRAFT and DIABLO universes, with his STARCRAFT story included in the PROJECT BLACKSTONE anthology. Matthew’s also written for the recent Broken Eye Books anthology, TOMORROW’S CTHULHU and STRANGEWAYS series of graphic novels. Additionally, he’s published a novella through Broken Eye Books entitled THE QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS.


Gregory L. Norris [Author]

Year One: The Colossus at Blue Sands

BIO: Gregory L. Norris is a full-time professional writer, with work appearing in numerous short story anthologies, national magazines, novels, the occasional TV episode, and, so far, one produced feature film (Brutal Colors, which debuted on Amazon Prime January 2016). He’s a former feature writer and columnist at Sci Fi, the official magazine of the Sci Fi Channel (before all those ridiculous Ys invaded). Gregory worked as a screenwriter on two episodes of Paramount’s modern classic, Star Trek: Voyager. Two of his paranormal novels (written under his rom-de-plume, Jo Atkinson) were published by Home Shopping Network as part of their “Escape With Romance” line—the first time HSN offered novels to their global customer base. Gregory judged the 2012 Lambda Awards in the SF/F/H category. His stories have notched Honorable Mentions in Ellen Datlow’s Best-of books three times. Gregory has traveled to Hollywood to accept his HM in the Roswell Awards in Short SF Writing. For more information, visit



Stefan Paris [Featured Artist]

Year OneTycoonLibertadorSlow City 2Rechauffement ClimatiqueDiesel PalaceFugit Irreparabile TempusFinal CurtainThe Silent Empire 8UchroniaDiesel Nights, and The Endless Goodbye



Irene Puntí [Author]

Year One: The Last Night of Pangea

BIO: Irene Punti was born in Manresa (Barcelona) in 1980. She is a Chemical Engineer by training and enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy and magical realism. Her fiction has appeared in Electric Spec.




Chuck Regan [Author]

Year One: Episode 10: A MOON CALLED TERROR (A Rex Kane Adventure)

BIO: Chuck Regan is a storyteller, illustrator, and book designer. A selection of his short stories and novellas are in Space and Time Magazine, Milkfist Magazine, Zelmer Pulp, and Beat to a Pulp. For more information, visit


Jeremy Szal [Author]

Year One: The Bronze Gods by [Dimension6 (Coeur de Lion Publishing, 2016)]

BIO: Jeremy Szal was born in 1995 with a warped sense of humor. Jeremy Szal sold his first short story at 18 and his first professional story at 19. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Nature, Nature: Physics, Lightspeed, Abyss & Apex, Strange Horizons, The Drabblecast, Grimdark Magazine and others.  He’s the fiction editor for Hugo-winning podcast StarShipSofa where he’s worked with authors such as George R. R. Martin, William Gibson, and Joe R. Lansdale. He is thrilled to be represented by John Jarrold of the John Jarrold Literary Agency, although he isn’t quite sure how that happened. A cinephile and drinker of too many craft beers, he carves out a living in Sydney, Australia, although he prefers cold weather. Find him at or @JeremySzal.