Gaslandia: A ⚙ Dieselpunk ⚙ Anthology (ePUB/MOBI)


Gaslandia: A Dieselpunk Anthology is the inaugural volume of the Subterranean Series featuring retro-futuristic short stories that cut across time and space:  In Site 78, a diabetic and an airship pilot search for insulin and come across the tome of Shanur. A marine navigates close quarters in his wheelchair and the threat of joblessness due to mechanical men. A wife, and mother, flees her abusive home in the Galilean cluster and finds refuge in the airborne craft, Hermes. A Mexican-American war veteran rallies Samalayuca refinery workers to stop a Soviet invasion. An adventurer who craves notoriety is consumed by cosmic horrors. The Lunascraper Tower is the only thing standing between humanity and the deadly mist. The floating country of Pangea awaits the final strike by Continental soldiers. Colossal war robots trap military specialist in a government lab within the Cyan Desert. Captain Rex Kane makes an emergency landing on the Martian moon Phobos only to discover a hole had been blown through its core, and the Mars police believe Rex and his crew are responsible. A disabled Native-American onboard the Current of Eagles confronts prejudice and radio-powered warfare.

Kevin Holton
David Castlewitz
Lawrence Dagstine
Pedro Iniguez
Dale Carothers
Jeremy Szal
Irene Puntí
Gregory L. Norris
Chuck Regan
Matthew Maxwell

WARNING: Contains racial and ethnic slurs (ex. r*dskin and g*psy), genocidal imperialism, and ableism.



The semi-annual Subterranean anthology series is dedicated to pulp fiction in niche speculative fiction sub-genres. It will take a nuanced and often critical look, however, at the conventions and broader historical context in which these sub-genres operate.

“I don’t try to describe the future. I try to prevent it.” —Ray Bradbury

Cover Art:

Tycoon by Stefan Paris (

Editor’s Corner:

Twilight of Man by Elizabeth O. Smith


Libertador by Stefan Paris (

Slow City 2 by Stefan Paris (

Rechauffement Climatique by Stefan Paris (

Diesel Palace by Stefan Paris (

Fugit Irreparabile Tempus by Stefan Paris (

Final Curtain by Stefan Paris (

The Silent Empire 8 by Stefan Paris (

Uchronia by Stefan Paris (

Diesel Nights by Stefan Paris (

The Endless Goodbye by Stefan Paris (


Armed Against the Ageless One by Kevin Holton (2700)

Tickie-Tockers by David Castlewitz (4500)

A Better Life by Lawrence Dagstine (5000)

The Revolution Engine by Pedro Iniguez (5000)

A Slow Inoculation by Dale Carothers (5100)

The Bronze Gods by Jeremy Szal [Dimension6 (Coeur de Lion Publishing, 2016)] (5400)

The Last Night of Pangea by Irene Puntí (5400)

The Colossus at Blue Sands by Gregory L. Norris (5500)

Episode 10: A MOON CALLED TERROR (A Rex Kane Adventure) by Chuck Regan (8300)

A Fifth World by Matthew Maxwell (9900)

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