Neuri Award

Radiant Crown Publishing seeks dark, diverse, subversive stories with unexpected protagonist. We’ve established a $100 scholarship fund to further our mission. It will support marginalized writers of dark and diverse genre fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. This endeavor aims to provide one writer with financial support in order to cultivate literature from the margins about the margins through writing retreats, research projects, and more. Write your own histories and legends into a new canon.


  • Participants cannot have won the award before
  • Participants cannot know the RCP staff personally
  • Participants cannot be published by or signed with RCP
  • Authors and poets have to identify with one or more marginalized identities such as gender, ability status, age, race or religion

Application Requirements:

Please answer the following questions in no more than two double-spaced, numbered pages (500 words or less). Applications that don’t meet eligibility requirements and/or are submitted outside of the deadline will not be reviewed. RCP’s staff judges entries based on a). clarity b). creativity c). purpose.

  1. How will the Neuri Award benefit you and/or others?
  2. What is standing in the way of reaching your goal?
  3. What are you currently working on ex). book, workshop, research paper?


The winner will receive the cash prize via PayPal and a chance to have their work featured in one of our magazines, on Radiant Crown Publishing’s website, and/or published by RCP. An announcement will also be made on Alternating Current, who we’ve partnered with to present a slew of grants/scholarships for marginalized voices.

Submissions Period:

  • October 1-October 15th, 2017 (11:59 EST)
  • Announcement: Halloween (October 31st)
  • All submissions should be attached as a .doc, .docx (preferred) or a .rtf sent to subs [at]
  • The subject line should read NEURI AWARD: NAME: CAUSE ex). NEURI AWARD: Cadence Wolf: Attending a Workshop
  • A short cover letter is required. Please include your legal name, pen name (if relevant), contact information, recent publications (if any), and include a bio of 150 words.
  • If selected as the winner, a photo will be requested.


Any personal information collected (including but not limited to your name, address, email, social media links, and pen name) is held in strict confidence and not shared with anyone else unless compelled by law or in the event threats are leveled against the staff.

If a third party contacts Radiant Crown Publishing interested in an author’s or poet’s work, the author/poet will be contacted first to ask permission to share details.

Past Winners: m.a. nicholson (2017)

LAST UPDATED: October 28, 2017