General Information

What is Radiant Crown Publishing?

RCP is a micro-press incorporated in Indiana.

What is a micro/small publisher?

A publishing house run by a small team, one person, and/or a network of freelancers and interns. They tend not to publish many books in a given year.

Where do I send physical mail?

We strongly discourage sending manuscripts to our address and any material submitted will not be returned.


4212 Algonquin Parkway

Louisville, KY 40211

The United States of America

Is RCP a vanity or hybrid publisher?


What is a vanity or hybrid publisher?

A publisher that asks the author(s) for money to cover expenses such as but not limited too: editing, cover design, interior layout, and ISBNs.


Submissions Process

Where do I submit?

Please follow the guidelines on our submissions page.

Can I submit un-agented manuscripts?

Yes. However, only submit unsolicited material during our open reading periods.

What does RCP publish in a given year?

As a small operation, we will be keeping our catalog fairly limited each year. We publish eight issues of our literary magazines Helios Quarterly Magazine and Selene Quarterly Magazine. We average two anthologies, one chapbook, two novellas, and two full-length novels each year. We primarily publish speculative fiction with romantic elements for upper middle grade, young adult, and adult audiences. We consider new adult, chapter book, and picture book manuscripts with a strong speculative element.


Marketing, Book Publication, and Distribution

Does RCP participate in book subscription boxes?

The short answer is yes! RCP does not typically sell physical books outside of North America (Canada, Mexico, and the United States). But, international and/or local book subscription boxes may contact us for a physical ARC and to potentially purchase copies for their customers.

Does RCP print Advance Reader Copies and send out eGalleys?

Yes and yes. However, as a micro-press, we have a very limited number of physical ARCs (around 10-15) and strongly encourage book bloggers big and small to ask for an eGalley (ePub, PDF or mobi for Kindle) instead. NetGalley access for full-length novels is slated for 2018.

What does RCP have to offer?

Novellas and novels are usually afforded the following: an advance between $100-$300, a marketing budget of at least $500, and marketing material such as book trailers, social media banners, and press releases.

We aim for simultaneous eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook publication. Imprint wide freelance publicists for RadiantTeen and RadiantKids are forthcoming. Finally, our editing, cover design, and interior formatting are all carried out by professional freelancers.

We pay royalties on net revenues for eBooks, book subscription boxes, hardcover editions, and book club sales. We pay royalties on the retail price of net copies sold for paperback editions. We reserve the right to produce a Braille edition for charity.

NCS (Net Copies Sold) excludes returns, damaged books, promotional/free copies, and ones brought by or given to the Author.

Net Revenues refers to actual money collected from the online distributors and book clubs.

Are all paperbacks and hardcovers POD? I’m looking for national distribution in bookstores and libraries.

All books are currently Print-on-Demand via Amazon and IngramSpark, which are wholesalers. This does not equate to wide physical bookstore and library availability. We plan to move to short print runs upon securing a national distributor. RCP will work towards consignment deals with the author’s local bookstores until then.

Small Press United and National Book Network are the national distributors RCP is looking to submit to after building a strong catalog.