The Unnamed Bears Favor

Book Cover: The Unnamed Bears Favor

"A horn grew from the woman's forehead-something like a rhino's, but much smaller and darker in hue."

A nameless outcast is called by his elders to undergo his initiation into the Rik-Sika, a band of hunter-assassins in mystical ancient China. He embarks on a pilgrimage led by Sapa Mainu, chief of the brothers. On the perilous journey, he encounters restless villagers, hibernating cave bears, and the dreaded ogres that rule the mountains. Faced with unimaginable odds, the unnamed discovers his true identity and with it, secrets buried by generations long ago. Once initiated into the Rik-Sika, he must choose between his ambitions or the fate of his people. Either choice could end his life.


Joseph Lyon Layden is a professional journalist, author, and musician from Savannah, Ga. His work has appeared in the internationally acclaimed Contents Magazine, as well as The Charleston City PaperMountain Xpress MagazineReflections Magazine, and various Creative Loafing weekly and monthly newspapers.

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