Hyperion & Theia: Saturnalia

Volume One: Saturnalia

Book Cover: Hyperion & Theia: Saturnalia
Part of the Hyperion & Theia series:
  • Hyperion & Theia: Saturnalia

The inaugural volume of the Hyperion & Theia anthology series features stories, poetry, and art that encapsulate festive revelry and otherworldly reversal: Gods and Goddesses of old prepare for destruction. A demonic circus delivers a haunting finale. The Shebeast lurks in the forest and pulls at heartstrings. Alien diet supplements wreak havoc in near-future San Francisco. Three women conspire to break an oath with a wicked witch. The Herculaneum Scrolls reveal the role of ancient aliens. A Roman warrior and a warrior turned slave venture into the territory of a Queen of ancient Egypt. Two cowboys track dark magic in the Wild Wild West. Ghosts stuck in the mortal realm high off drugs. You are a lone radio jockey after the apocalypse.

James Dorr
Dennis Mombauer
Krystal Claxton
Jessie Volk
Tyler Bourassa
H.R. Boldwood
Victor H. Rodriguez
Jamie Ryder
B. Morris Allen
Rachel Brittain