Radiant Crown Publishing

Radiant Crown Publishing was founded in 2016 to showcase quality fiction, diverse stories, and unexpected protagonists. Antiheroes and characters whose stories are pushed to the margins are welcome here. RCP is an independent micro-press that promotes fiction, poetry, and art that is dark, diverse, and subversive in nature.




Elizabeth O. Smith, Founder/Publisher

E. O. Smith is the pseudonym of Olivia Raymond, using her first and middle name backward. Feel free to call her Elizabeth or Olivia. She’s been producing and editing story-based video games since 2011 under Cherubim Scribes, Inc.









Abbie Waters, Proofreader

Abbie Waters is a proofreader based in Northern England. While in the past she has dabbled with writing and floristry she has now settled on making a career out of proofreading. Being a true bookworm at heart she loves working on all genres and writing styles, especially something that’s a bit strange and unusual. She still hopes to find the right home for her own spooky works of fiction some day.

LAST UPDATED: July 20, 2017

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