The World of Jangbahar: Nork


Population: 397,896

Language: Friisan and Jangba

Symbol/Flag: Two hands, pointing at one another.

Nork is a large valley located south of Friis and along the border of the Edge. Nork was once part of the nation of Friis but split from its motherland a few hundred years ago over a succession dispute. Isolated in their valley, little is known of Nork although it is believed their culture still mirrors that of Friis. The country is self-sufficient and prefers to rely on their own resources although dragon meat garners a heavy price for any merchants willing to cross the mountains to reach them.

The Edge

Located north of Nork and to the east of Friis is a jagged and inhospitable mountain range known simply as the Edge. The mountain range is host to the highest peaks recorded in Jangbahar and it’s nearly impassable, making trade routes irrelevant and the border lines muted between its neighboring nations. Fierce winds, heavy snows and whispers of dangerous creatures prevent any from exploring it fully and not even the richest monarchies can be convinced to fund expeditions for the foolish. The people of Nork speak of a time long before, an age where a great bird flew in the currents of the wind.  With the flap of her wings mountains would crumple, tornadoes would ripple across the land. The people who lived at the base of the mountain sang to the bird, soothing it above so that it would cease its havoc on those down below. Eventually, the people on land forgot about their winged companions.