Submissions Closed (Fall 2016)

Submissions for unsolicited manuscripts are closed for Fall 2016! Unsolicited submissions/the open reading period will reopen next year in January for the Spring. The confirmed publishing schedule for 2016-2017 so far is six issues of Helios Quarterly, a young adult fantasy & romance novel, and republishing a suicide memoir. RCP is especially interested in a horror or science-fiction middle grade novel to round out the schedule until December 2016. The about page and F.A.Q have been updated to reflect more relevant information. Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Romance with H/SF or F elements are the preferred genres.

RCP is contacting distributors to see what would be required to partner once publications and dates are solidified. In an effort to always be transparent and proactive, it should be noted that as a start up and author-publisher run, RCP will never commit to more than five novelists a year in the foreseeable future. Many short story writers, poets, and artists will be published via the quarterly magazine Helios. All commissioned editors will be a part of the Editorial Freelance Association. Finally, covers will be commissioned by designers like Extended Imagery and Bookfly Design, and interior design by the likes of Inkstain Interior Book Designing.